My voice is a computer. I have cerebral palsy. My brain is missing a piece that aids in the processing of visual stimuli and language, so I cannot verbally communicate. 

I have been writing songs since January 2007. I feel as if music gave me as much a voice as anyone else and now I can express my innermost feelings of hardship, love, anger, and my dreams. Music looks into my spirit and provides  my innermost thoughts with the voice that had been lacking. 

In the future I want to go to college. I plan to publish a memoir as well. I hope to always keep my musicality nurtured as I continue on in life, wherever it may take me. 


My name is Marc Davis. I have been working with Sarah since October of 2008 and it has proven to be a life-changing experience for me. Before I met her, I had heard through the grapevine that there was an exceedingly talented young woman living in Cambridge who wrote beautiful music. Several of my Music Therapy classmates had worked with her in the past and when given the opportunity to meet her, I was ecstatic. I met Sarah and was blown away by the beauty and complexity of the music that was presented to me in her little white binder. I had heard that Sarah was nonverbal and was interested to see how she got the music out of her head and onto paper. I came into the picture after hours of hard work on her part to independently type onto a small computer.  

When Sarah wrote her first song with me, ‘You Light Up My Life,’ (a song on her first record, ‘Sarah Divided’) all I had to do was be present to write down what she typed. It began with the title of the song, then the lyrics, then (much to my surprise) she wrote to me what chords she wanted me to play and the notes of the melody – each word sort of had it’s own note. I took that information, sang it a few different ways, and then she told me which was the correct one – all with this small little handheld computer. The writing process with Sarah just got better and more fluid after that. She truly is an amazing songwriter and I cannot wait to hear what she will continue to write in the future. Her writing continues to grow leaps and bounds as manifested by the stunning work on this second album of hers. I can speak for all of us (Scott, Whitney, Alisa, and myself) when I say that working with Sarah and recording her music has been a fantastic experience. Sarah gave us an opportunity to take her songs and bring them to life through our own creativity in production and arranging. It’s really been wonderful.  


Marc Davis 


My name is Adrian Mollica and I am a Music Therapy student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  

I produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered the CD you are about to listen to, all of which would be non existent were it not for Sarah's exceptional song-writing and her mother's invaluable support. Over the past few months, I have had the life-changing opportunity to work with one of the most promising and aspiring singer-songwriters in the Cambridge area who has developed a significant amount of supportive fans and avid listeners. Her repertoire stretches across 2 full length CD’s, Sarah Divided and Try To Love, and now onto her third album, Dear Mom, I Love You. Sarah's songs not only include intricate melodies and chords, but they are also embedded with very deep and heartfelt personal messages, of which I have had the pleasure to sing and produce. Some of the songs on this new album (”Mother, If One Day”, “Bittersweet”, “A Birthday Poem”, and “Dear Mom”) were unfinished songs which Sarah and I revisited and completed.  

What makes Sarah so exceptional and undeniably talented is the passion for music that radiates through her, despite living with Cerebral Palsy. Sarah is no ordinary young lady, and no ordinary songwriter either, as she is non-verbal and communicates all of her musical and lyrical ideas through the use of a small hand held computer. Working with Sarah has been an incredible experience, and not only has it expanded her collection of songs and recordings, but as well as my personal growth as a Music Therapy student and musician. It has been  a wonderful experience, one that I will never forget. 

A special thanks goes out to Alexandra Schwinn who provided her lovely voice for “I Love You More Each Day”, and to Marc Davis for the gig.  

Thank you, and enjoy. 

Adrian Mollica